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Prianca RA is a British-Indian singer and songwriter born in Leicester. Strong from that multicultural background, she perfectly blends Bollywood-inspired melodies with a soulful twist.

After studying law at Warwick University, Prianca found strength in music to overcome some personal challenges and wrote songs that captured her emotional troubles. Music has played a cathartic role as she found writing lyrics allowed her to paint a picture of what she was experiencing at the time.

Passionate about helping others, Prianca RA aims to bring more awareness around mental health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through music. In one of her songs she sings, ‘even though we’re hurting it doesn’t mean we’re not healing’. Through this, Prianca shows that recovery is not a linear process and many experience days where everyday tasks are a struggle to do and they are constantly battling with their mind. It should be normalised in society to have these days and not fear consequences or fear that we are taking steps back in our recovery journey. 

In her first single, SPACECRAFT BURNOUT, Prianca RA depicts her journey through PTSD. She expresses the feeling of being teleported to outer space and being haunted by ghosts of the past in an imaginary planet living in a spacecraft. Prianca is back with a brand new single, Hurting & Healing which is about her recovery journey through depression and anxiety. Through her lyrics, Prianca emphasises that it is okay sometimes to take a step back from the commotion that life brings but that does not mean that you are taking a step back in your recovery journey.

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